• Content Creation

    - We create content that will drive traffic to your website. This is primarily through your blog. We also improve the content on your current product/services pages.
  • Natural Link Building

    - We come up with creative ways to get links, including social interaction and developing ideas for content that other websites will want to link to. It is not a passive approach - we actively engage webmasters and ask for links. This takes time, but the results are long term.
  • Conversion Optimization

    - We make sure that your websites has adequate calls-to-action, trust elements and design layout to convert more visitors into sales. We increase your websites conversion rates.
  • Social Strategy Development

    - including community building and brand management.
  • Website development

    - We look at ways to increase your websites functionality and improving its ability to sell. We also provide Ecommerce solutions.
  • App development


  1. Questionnaire:

    We start off by asking you to answer a few questions such as:
    • Can you give us a quick history of example.com? Why does example.com exist, what is its purpose?
    • How exactly does example.com make money online? What are the key revenue drivers?
    • Can you tell us about any previous or current SEO work?
    • What does your typical customer look like? Any specific demographics?
    • What are your business goals and what would you recognize as a successful outcome if you were to work with us?
    • What business resources do you have that may be link-worthy? Content? People? Cash? Product? Data?
    • What internal resources do you have to help with content creation? Designers? Developers? Writers?
    • Have you engaged in any link building activity before? What was it? Did it work?
    • Have you ever outsourced link building or engaged other agencies? Can we see reports of what was done?
    • If you could choose any websites for example.com to be featured on, what would they be?
    • Where do your customers hang out online? What kind of content do they like to read?
    • Why does your business or website deserve to get links?
  2. Analysis:

    We analyze your Link profile: do follow vs no follow ratio, links to home page vs links to deep pages ratio; competitor links, etc..
  3. Problems & Opportunities:

    We identify problems with your website and opportunities. We look at things such as bad links, website structure, amount of content and we look at opportunities such as where we see your website can improve.
  4. Strategy:

    We identify techniques which we are going to use.
    These might include but not limited to:
    • Link Bait
    • Local Blog Commenting
    • Guest Blog Posting
    • Testimonials
    • On-page Interlinking
    • Video distribution
    • Interviews. Approach sites. Offer an interview.
    • Product reviews
    • Press Releases
    • Infographics
    • Getting your competitors links
    • Various Google Maps strategies
    • e-Book, white-paper writing
    • Gadget and widget development
    • App development
    • Contests & Giveaways
    • Get you Interviewed by someone
    • Egobait.
    • How To Tutorials
    • Use infographics to chart history of industry event, national days
    • Creating Lists
    • Donations & Sponsorships.
    • Various Web 2.0 website strategies
    • Buy existing domains
    • Social media strategy